Volume 22 Number 1

"Writing gives perspective and restores sanity.”

B. Lynn Goodwin, You Want Me To Do What?
Oct - December 2018

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B. Lynn Goodwin owns Writer Advice, www.writeradvice.com. She's written You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing) and Talent (Eternal Press). She was short-listed for a Literary Lightbox Award and won a Bronze Medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards for Talent

Goodwin’s work has appeared in Voices of Caregivers; Hip Mama; Small Press Review; Dramatics Magazine; The Sun; Inspire Me Today, Caregiver Village, Good Housekeeping.com, Purple Clover.com and elsewhere. She is a reviewer and teacher at Story Circle Network, and she is a manuscript coach here at Writer Advice. She is finalizing a memoir about getting married for the first time at 62, but she always has time to write guest blog posts and answer questions.

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